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Here are some things that we do to make your tutoring session amazing.

Personalize Each Lesson
There are different names for this technique, but it is the exact opposite of teaching to the test. Rather, with this tutoring technique, the lesson is personalized so the student can tangibly see and feel and grasp how the lesson can apply to their own life. An example would be a student struggling in biology class who loves animals. By teaching the basic biology concepts, but applied to that student’s pet cat, the student is more apt to be attentive, soak in the lesson and remember it at testing time.

Present a “What If” Scenario
Another great tutoring method is framing the lesson in the form of a “what if – then what?” scenario. For instance, what if Henry Ford had never invented the automobile, would everyone still be riding around by horse and carriage or bicycle today? This can be a great lead-in to learning basic math and engineering concepts that contributed to creating the first car engine.

Share a Personally Relatable Story
While this certainly won’t work in every situation, some students who are experiencing specific learning issues or who have been bullied by peers or teachers due to scores may find it painful to keep trying and trying again. Here, sometimes just letting the student know they are not alone – that others have struggled too and overcome those struggles to excel in school – is what is needed to give the student the courage to start striving for success again. Tutors who can share a personally relatable story at just the right moment can not only re-engage struggling students, but can inspire and motivate bright but uninterested students to give their studies their best efforts.

With these unique tutoring methods, students are often able to find inspiration that traditional classroom environment has been able to provide – in a word, lessons tailored to their interests, learning styles, needs and experiences.