Las Vegas Tutoring

What makes our Las Vegas tutors the best? Here are some things they are taught:

New Tutoring Methods That Boost Test Scores

Even while the education landscape nationwide slowly shifts, the focus on test scores is still very strong. Teachers that “teach to the test” rather than to the child is a common issue in schools today. Students who are slow to grasp certain concepts may be left behind and students who grasp those concepts more quickly may become bored and disengage, with lower scores as the result. In both cases, the addition of a tutor with specialized skills to bring lessons and concepts to life can really help to both boost test scores and student engagement and interest.

Teach to the Child’s Learning Style
Some students are visual learners, which means they see and take in concepts best when the lessons are presented in picture form. Other students are auditory learners, which means they learn best when they can listen to a lesson – sometimes more than once. Still other students are kinetic learners, which means they learn best when they can hold and manipulate things in their hands or experience concepts in action in real time. Learning how to present the same lesson using different learning styles can be a key benefit a tutor provides to struggling students – and also a key to light a spark in the mind of a bright but bored student who has lost interest in learning.

Offer a Preview of Insights to Come
Another very powerful tutoring method that actors and musicians have been using for years is offering a preview. For instance, perhaps at the start of a lesson, the student gets to watch just the first few scenes of a gripping film on the topic. But then they have to stop and learn the lesson presented in those scenes before they can watch the next scenes (this works well with books too!) By offering just a glimpse, a preview, of the full lesson, the student becomes more excited and engaged to learn.