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Education is important for several crucial reasons. Number one, education provides a path to better employment and higher wages. Secondly, education ensures that a person has knowledge of the regular workings of the world. Third, people take someone with a high school diploma or college degree more serious than if they dropped out of high school or college. Finally, education provides people with the skills needed to work with people from other countries and to learn new technologies.

Getting a sound education is vital to success. People who need to make a good income to support their family must have excellent writing, reading, and mathematical skills. Without basic education skills, a person is more likely to be passed over for a promotion. These people are often skipped over when they apply for a new job too.

To understand politics, geography, and culture, a person must have worldly knowledge. These skills are gleaned in an educational environment. Access to people from different parts of the world and in varying fields of work is essential to mental growth and understanding.

People often look down on those who are not educated to their same level. Amish children who do not attend school after the eighth grade are one example of this unfortunate condition. Graduating high school is the minimum level that people in the world expect from an educated person, but college degrees improve the way that others look at a person.

To learn and work with new technologies, an individual needs some math and science skills that are only achieved by graduating high school and possibly college. To work with advanced equipment, a person must know how to do mathematical equations and solve complicated problems. People who attend school for a longer period are also easier to train than a non-educated individual.

Getting an education is vital to the survival of a person and their family. To be taken seriously, a person needs to have the knowledge to refute comments and provide good information to prove their point. Individuals who have a solid education make more money and are more effective at their jobs.
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